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Ensure your store is always making profit for every purchase

Our unique material length pricing and sizing model was designed for the sign industry, it is the most flexible and precise sign measuring and pricing system to date. We also include a fixed-width pricing and sizing model.

The best customer experience for desktop and mobile

We have gone to great lengths to ensure our app looks and performs just as well on mobile devices, as it does on desktop. Using our app will guarantee the best conversion rate optimization you can make for selling text-based neon signs.

Realistic Sign Visualisations

Amaze your customers with the ability to realistically render RGB lighting that dynamically switches between colors and signs including sign backing options such as boxes, stands and cut-to-shape acrylics that render behind the font.

Advanced options made simple

Our Shopify app has all the options you will ever need to sell neon signs, we provide first-class inputs for jackets, backboards, materials, mountings and include flexible inputs such as dropdown selects, yes/no and even a notes field.

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From handling the sale to processing the order, Neon Sign Product Customizer has created an optimised and seamless experience for your customers, staff and suppliers

All the options your store will ever need


Cut to shape, outline, cut to square, stand or box, we have it all

Backing Colors And Images

Let your customers select the backing material as either a colour or image to represent the material


LED, RGB, Hand Blown Glass


White or colored with the ability to visualize the choosen option


Indoor or Outdoor, give your customers the choice

Advanced Shopify integration and workflows

100% Translatable

All wording can be translated to your customers native spoken language

Currency Conversion Inbuilt

Our app natively integrates with your stores currency conversion system

Supplier / Manufacturer Emails

Send emails to your supplier/manufacturer with all the details they need to get your sign built and sent to the customer.

Showcase custom neon signs like a pro

Accurate Sign Measurements

Our app uses world class measuring techniques to ensure the sign measurements are accurate.

Background Previews

Showcase the customers sign in different environments

RGB Visualisation

sign colours will change to the next color just like in real life when the RGB option is activated

Absolute control to ensure every order is profitable

Sign measurement limitations

Set width and height restrictions to ensure customers can only purchase signs your store can build.

Restrict sizes for fonts

Set fonts to only be selectable for certain sizes.

Every option can control the price

Need an option to multiply the final price by 200% when selected? No problem, we've got you covered.

Our Shopify app makes it easy and fun for customers to design and purchase their very own unique neon signs.

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