How to hang neon signs like A Pro? The ultimate guide

Published March 30, 2023

The ultimate guide to hanging neon signs: Tips and tricks for a stunning installation

When it comes to installing neon signs, there are many things to consider. Depending on the type of surface and location, the sign needs to be securely attached. Attaching a sign to a wall can take the form of screws, nails or adhesive strips. Alternatively, command hooks or other adhesive products can be used to hang the sign without needing to drill. Furthermore, managing any electrical wires or cords is essential to ensure safety and avoid any hazardous situations.

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This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to hang neon signs. We will cover the various methods of attaching neon signs to walls, using command hooks or other adhesive products, concealing or managing wires and cords and placing neon signs in a home or business. After reading this article, you will have all the information necessary to install a neon sign fast and safely.

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Attaching neon signs to walls

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When it comes to the task of fastening neon signs to walls, there exist myriad techniques at your disposal. **The most widespread methodologies encompass the utilization of screws, nails, and adhesive strips. **

It is imperative to note that each of these methods harbors its own unique set of pros and cons, and it is thus imperative to discern the optimal technique contingent upon the nature of the wall’s surface. As an illustration, adhesive strips may prove efficacious on smooth surfaces such as painted walls, whereas screws and nails are deemed superior for walls boasting greater textural depth or thickness.

How to safely drill holes in a wall to hang a neon sign?

Should one intend to rely on screws or nails for this endeavor, it is of utmost significance to have an understanding of the safe and secure drill-hole process. This encompasses selecting the appropriate size for the drill bit and ensuring that the depth of the hole suffices to confer adequate stability and fixation for the screw or nail.

Alternatively, if one intends to suspend a weighty neon sign, then the utilization of anchors or toggle bolts represents a judicious choice, providing supplementary reinforcement and ideal for walls that may not adequately sustain the weight of a sign unsupported.

How to attach a neon sign to a brick wall?

When dealing with brick walls, a distinct set of specialized hardware is required to facilitate the attachment of the neon sign. This may encompass specialized screws or anchors that are designed explicitly to function harmoniously with brick or concrete surfaces. It is imperative to select the optimal hardware and conscientiously adhere to the manufacturer’s stipulations to ensure an installation that is both secure and safe.

How to hang a neon sign on a wall without drilling?

At times, the process of drilling holes into a wall may not be feasible or desired. As an illustration, in instances where one is leasing a space or is averse to damaging the wall, it may become necessary to seek out alternative techniques to fasten the neon sign.** **

In such instances, one feasible option is the use of adhesive products such as Command strips that, if employed correctly, can support a rather substantial amount of weight. Alternatively, one could opt for a freestanding or portable sign holder that precludes any attachment to the wall whatsoever.

How to attach a neon sign to a wedding wall?

Lastly, in the event that one seeks to suspend a neon sign for an occasion such as a wedding or some other special event, it may become necessary to attach the sign to a temporary wall or backdrop. **This can be accomplished by deploying specialized hardware such as pipe and drape kits that permit the establishment of a sturdy backdrop, which can support the neon sign. **Alternatively, one could elect to utilize a freestanding sign holder or explore other innovative means to showcase the neon sign in a temporary setting.

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Using command hooks or other adhesive products

Utilizing command snares or other cement items may be a well-known and helpful way to hang a neon sign, particularly in the event that you need to dodge penetrating gaps in your divider. One question that regularly emerges is whether you’ll hang a neon sign with command snares. The reply is yes, but it’s critical to select the proper sort of snare and to form beyond any doubt that the weight of the sign is inside the hook’s weight constraint.

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Command snares are accessible in an assortment of sizes and weight capacities, so it’s basic to select the correct one for your neon sign.** As a common run the show, a little command snare can hold up to 1 pound, whereas a medium snare can hold up to 3 pounds, and an expansive hook can hold up to 5 pounds.** In case your neon sign weighs more than the weight constraint of a single snare, you’ll utilize numerous snares or consider employing a diverse strategy to hang your sign.

Other sorts of cement items can too be utilized to hang a neon sign, such as double-sided tape or mounting squares. These items are regularly planned to hold a certain weight restrain and can be an incredible elective to penetrating gaps in your divider. When utilizing cement products, it’s critical to take after the manufacturer’s lighting carefully and to guarantee that the surface is clean and dry sometime recently when applying the cement.

To utilize cement items securely and viably, it’s critical to select an area that’s suitable for your neon sign and to guarantee that the surface is smooth and clean. It’s too great a thought to test the cement sometime recently hanging the sign to guarantee that it can hold the weight of the sign. By taking after these tips and choosing the proper cement item, you’ll securely and successfully hang your neon sign without boring any gaps in your divider.

Concealing or managing wires and cords

When it comes to the installation of neon signs, there are a multitude of factors to take into account. However, one of the most important considerations is the management of wires and cords. Not only can tangled wires be a visually unpleasant eyesore, but they can also present safety hazards if left unchecked. Fortunately, there are a variety of tips and tricks that can be employed to effectively conceal or manage neon sign wires and cords.

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**One effective method for hiding wires and cords is to route them through the walls. **While this option may require a bit of do-it-yourself expertise, it can result in a clean and streamlined installation. Alternatively, one could opt for the use of conduit or raceway systems, which come in a variety of colors and styles to match any decor. These systems can be mounted on walls or ceilings and provide a discreet channel for wires and cords.

For those who prefer a simpler approach, there are a number of adhesive products on the market specifically designed for managing wires and cords. Cable clips and ties are an excellent option for keeping wires organized and tidy, while cord covers can be used to conceal any unsightly cords. These products are both user-friendly and widely available at most hardware or home improvement stores.

In addition to managing wires and cords, it’s important to carefully consider the placement of electrical outlets when installing neon signs. Ideally, outlets should be located near the sign to avoid the need for lengthy cords or unsightly extension cords. If this is not a feasible option, it may be worth considering the installation of a new outlet or hiring an electrician to do so.

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Placing neon signs in a home or business

When it comes to putting neon signs in a domestic or trade, there are a couple of key variables to consider. One of the foremost critical is where to put the sign. In a domestic setting, neon signs can be set in an assortment of areas, such as a room, living room, or indeed a domestic bar. In a commercial setting, neon signs are regularly utilized to pull into consideration commerce or advertise a particular item or benefit.

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To select the most excellent area for a neon sign, it’s critical to consider the reason for the sign and the general stylishness of the space. For case, in the event that the sign is aiming to be a central point in a room, it ought to be set in an area where it can be effectively seen and acknowledged. On the off chance that the sign is being utilized to publicize an item or benefit, it ought to be placed in an area where it’ll be unmistakable to potential clients.

**In order to choose the proper area for a neon sign, it’s also important to guarantee that the sign is unmistakable and successful in its arrangement. **This may include altering the lighting or other components of the space to make the sign stand out more. It may moreover include choosing a sign that’s the appropriate estimate and shape for the space, which can be effectively examined from a separate.

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All in all, by adhering to these methodologies and techniques, you can create a visually stunning and captivating neon sign installation that will undoubtedly elevate any residential or commercial environment. Whether your objective is to infuse some character into your living room, cultivate a distinctive atmosphere in your bedroom, or draw attention to your enterprise, a well-positioned and securely fastened neon sign can truly make a world of difference.

Above everything else, when embarking on the process of hanging neon signs, it is vital to prioritize safety and ensure that the installation is firmly secured and stable. By following the guidelines and recommendations highlighted in this article, you can achieve both a breathtaking and secure neon sign installation that will bring joy and awe for many years to come.

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